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At Kindercentrum Madelief we aim for ‘blooming’ children

Our philosophy is simply that you will grow when you have all the time and possibility to explore.

  • Do you want daycare with certainty?
  • Do you want to hand over your child to a experienced and reliable professional?
  • Dependable professionals who respect your wishes?
  • Do you want the guarantee that your child is allowed to develop in a challenging and safe environment?
  • Do you choose a childcare that really makes the difference? (Considering the high costs, nowadays.)

Choosing suitable childcare is a conscious decision to make. For you as parents. Above all for your child. We provide Daycare and After School Care in one place.

The world is changing fast

Let’s create a stable, safe and trusted environment together.
So your child is able to focus on his/her development.

After all a new adventure awaits every day! Going outside to play or for a walk is what we do on a daily basis. The daily routine of home is our guideline. The professionals are aware of your wishes regarding education and care.

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Give your child the opportunity to develop in a challenging and lively environment

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Madelief has 3 locations

Madelief aan het Bos

  • Daycare and Afterschool care available
  • Focused on nature and surrounded by forests (no cars in sight)
  • Our own Atelier and child-friendly kitchen that works overtime

Our address;
Zwerfheide 4
6591 RC Gennep

Madelief aan het park

  • Daycare available
  • Homely atmosphere and yet within walking distance of forests and playgrounds
  • Participation in a toddler plan for a smooth transition from daycare to BSO

Our address
Rijssenbeeklaan 1
6591 TB Gennep

Madelief Heijen

  • Daycare and Afterschool care available
  • Childcare for all ages 1 location.
  • Small-scale, cozy and personal attention for every age.

Our address
Sleedoornstraat 3
6598 AX Heijen

What are the costs?

Childcare is a great expense, nowadays. But what are we talking about? Are you entitled to a compensation from the Dutch Tax Authorities (IRS)? What are the Net Costs? How many hours to declare?

Let us help you make a calculation so you know what to expect.

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